Program for Mr. Universe Model 2010


April 27th to May 10th, 2010.

Tuesday April 27th
Contestants arrivals
- All day long
The contestants will be picked up at the airport and being directed to the Hotel in Santo Domingo. The Santo Domingo´s Hotel will be Hotel Lina.

Wednesday April 28th
- 7:30 am Breakfast and official meeting with the Mr Universe Model staff
- 8:30am to 10:00am Fittings for Robert Flores´ Dominican Fashion Week Show
- 11:00am Contestants´ Official Press Presentation at the poolside of Hotel Lina (White Outfit and blue swim wear)
- 1:00pm Lunch
- 3:00pm Leaving the hotel for Port of Sansouci, with their footwear and toiletries
- 4:00pm Rehearsal for Dominican Fashion Week Show
- 5:00pm Make-up time for the show
- 7:00pm Dinner
- 9:00pm Opening of the Dominican Fashion Week wearing the designs of Robert Flores for summer 2010
- 10:00pm Welcome Party

Thursday April 29th
- 8:00 am Breakfast
- 9:00am Filming at some tourist places
- 1:00pm Lunch
- 3:00pm Leaving for Port of Sansouci
- 4:00pm Fittings
- 5:00pm Rehearsal for Day 2 of Dominican Fashion Week
- 7:00pm Dinner
- 8:00pm Dominican Fashion Week Show
- 10:00pm After Party

Friday April 30th
- 7:30am Breakfast
- 8:30 Moving for Hotel Barceló Capella at Juan Dolio (la Romana)
- 1:30pm Lunch
- 3:00pm Leaving for Port of Sansouci for the Dominican Fashion Week Show
- 7:00pm Dinner
- 8:00pm Fashion Show
- 9:00pm Visit to the TV Show of Milagros German
- 11:00pm After Party

Saturday, May 1st
- 7:30am Breakfast
- 8.30am Filming of the Contestants´ Introduction for the Finals
- 1:00pm Lunch
- 2:30pm Leaving for the Port of Sansouci
- 7:30pm Dinner
- 9:00pm Dominican Fashion Week Show
- 10:30 After Party

Sunday, May 2nd
- 8:00am Breakfast
- 9:00am Filming in Swim wear at the beach
- 1.30pm Lunch
- 3:00pm Leaving for Port of Sansouci for the closing ceremonies of the Dominican Fashion Week
- 6:00pm Fashion Show
- 8:00pm Dinner
- 10:00pm After Party (Final RD Fashion Week)

Monday May 3rd
- 9:00am Breakfast
- 10:00am Departure from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana (3:30 hours)
- 2:00pm Arrival to Punta Cana, Hotel Barceló Punta Cana
- (Registration at Hotel)
- 6:00pm Rehearsal for Preliminary competition (Theater Hotel Barcelo Punta Cana)
- 8:00pm Welcome Dinner
- 9:30pm Best Body competition and first awards for Mister Universe Model 2010

Tuesday May 4th
- 8:00am Breakfast
- 10 to 12 m Filming in swim wear at Punta Cana´s beach
- 1:00pm Lunch
- 4 to 6pm Rehearsals for the finals
- 8:00pm Dinner
- 10.30pm Visit to Punta Cana´s Discoteque

Wednesday May 5th
- 8:00am Breakfast
- 10 to 12 m Rehearsal for the finals
- 1:00pm Lunch
- 5:00pm Fashion Show by the pool (swim wear and sport clothes)
- 8:00pm Dinner
- 11:00pm Visit to the Disco “Imagine”

Thursday May 6th
- 8:00am Breakfast
- 10 to 12 am Rehearsal for the finals
- 1:00pm Lunch
- (The afternoon will be free for the contestants)
- 8:00pm Dinner
- 10:00pm Visit to Hard Rock Cafe Punta Cana

Friday May 7th
- 9:00am Breakfast
- 10 to 12 am Rehearsal for the finals
- 1:00pm Lunch
- 4 to 6 pm PRELIMINARY COMPETITION (The contestants will have the Personal Interviews and will compete in formal wear and swim wear for the judges. The judges will pick the top 12 finalists secretly)
- 8:30pm Dinner
- 10:00pm Beach Party

Saturday May 8th
- 9:00am Breakfast
- 10.30am Rehearsal for the finals
- 1.30pm Lunch
- 5:00pm make-up time for the finals
- (The contestans should bring their NATIONAL COSTUMES, Swim Wear and Formal Wear for the Finals of Mister Universe Model 2010)
- 9:00pm Mr. Universe Model Pageant 2010

Good Luck!
May 9th
- Free day or departures

May 10th
- Departures for their own countries

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