Miss World 2013 - September 2nd & 3rd


Departure to Bali. It is 00:30 at night and I am sitting at my hotel room in Bali. It has been a long travel! Yesterday the security people in the Danish airport went on a strike so I & my National Director - Lisa Lents were worried that my plane would get cancelled and I could not fly to Bali. It was a bit hectic but luckily my plane was not cancelled!!! I changed a flight in Amsterdam and met some of the other Miss World contestant – they are all very beautiful, kind and friendly!!:)
When we arrived to Bali there were so many people at the airport and they wanted to take pictures with us all the time! Therefore it took us around two hours before we could catch our Miss World bus – it was so crazy! It took about an hour by bus before we arrived to our hotel. We got a warm welcome with Indonesian music, a flower in the hair and a drink. Everybody is very nice and accommodating! My roommate is Miss World Malta – she is also great!
I look forward to tomorrow! We have a lot of thinks to do so now I will get my beauty sleep before I have to get up early in the morning. Goodnight everyone! <3 

Malene Riis Sørensen
Miss World Denmark 2013

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