Miss World 2013 - September 21th - 26th

September 21th
Today we celebrated International World Peace Day at the World Peace Gong in Bali, Indonesia. All Miss World contestants were dressed in white because the white color is a symbol of peace and freedom. It was so special andbeautiful when the white doves and balloons were released!
I made a video where I show you "The World Peace Gong" and the statue of Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. I wrote a short message on my balloon before releasing it: "Malene Riis Sørensen - Miss World Denmark. Love and peace. Bring the worlds to love each other." ♥ 

September 23th
I am so happy right now! Tonight I finished my final interview with the judges and I think it went well. And finally I got to meet my family! Yaaaay! It was so great to hug my mom, dad and sister again! Even though I love to be here at Miss World in Bali, Indonesia, I have missed my family. 
I look forward to tomorrow where we have a charity brunch plus an auction and in the evening we have the Topmodel fasttrack. It is going to be so exciting - I can't wait. Goodnight everyone! 

September 24th
Today has been great! We went to the charity brunch where some of our charity gifts were sold in an auction. A blind girl was performing, she sang very beautifully, it was amazing! Tonight we had the Miss World 2013 Topmodel event where all contestants wore gorgeous dresses made by Indonesian designers - I absolutely love my dress! It was my first fashion show, I did my best and I really enjoyed every second! Congratulations to the top 10 finalists! Especially Megan from the Philippines and Valerie from Cameroon - they are my really good friends and I am so happy for them! Goodnight everyone!

September 26th
Today we had rehearsals all day - I am sure the Miss World final will be fantastic. Now there is only two days left, it is a little bit sad because I really enjoy being here and I am going to miss all the girls - they are amazing!

Malene Riis Sørensen 
Miss World Denmark 2013



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