Marco Djelevic Virriat


Marco Djelevic Virriat was crowned Mr. Sweden International 2011 by National Director, Lisa Lents from "Miss & Mister of Denmark" Organization and he will represent his country at one of the biggest male pageants in the world, Mister International 2011, in Bangkok, Thailand from the 8th - 18th of December.

21-year old Marco Djelevic Virriat grew up in a multiethnic household in Lund, Sweden. Lund is the most important student city in Sweden and it´s a calm and peaceful place to grow up in. He grew up with two brothers and his parents who are both journalists. As a son of a Swedish mother and a Montenegrin father, he embodies the perfect balance between the Northern European cool and Mediterranean passion. He has a big family spread across the globe, who live in Sweden, France, Serbia, Montenegro and Los Angeles.

Already in an early age, he was determined and full of energy. If he embarked on a project, it was with all of his focus and attention. He excelled in sports such as soccer, handball and could often be found training at the gym. In addition to building his physiques, he have always been adamant in enhancing his intellectual side as well. He is passionately engaged in world news, politics, current events and of course sports. As a sports reporter at the Swedish Radio in Blekinge, he became popular with his accurate and honest interviews. In the future he wants to work as a model for a few years and travel around the world. Then I want a family and I want to work with political issues. Currently Marco is a student in Stockholm where he studies political. He loves modelling and model for print and commercials. Although his days are filled with studies and work, he still always finds time for athletic activities.

As a person Marco is very determend and focused. He pursues his dreams and works hard to accomplish them. His goal at the moment is to win Mr. International 2011. He is going to work very hard to make that happen. He has the ability to be humble at all times although he is confident in himself. One of his role models is his aunt Tanja Djelevic, a well know personal trainer in Hollywood. She is instrumental in awakening his desire for healthy living and training both physically and mentally.

It means a lot to Marco to represent his country! With great excitement and honor, he’s preparing to represent Sweden in Mr. International 2011 pageant in Bangkok. In Marco’s opinion, to be selected to represent his home country in such a prestigious pageant is a great validation for all of his hard work!

Coming from a multiethnic family, he wants to illustrate that nationality doesn’t need to wear a specific set of colors or come from only one cultural background. He sees himself as a Swede who also embraces his Mediterranean roots and heritage. Marco wants to make his country, my family and friends proud of him.

He is looking very much forward to stay in the Thai capitol. He knows it's going to be a tough competition for the title of Mr. International 2011 and he’s ready to give it all his determination and focus. For Marco winning is desirable, but he knows that being a part of the whole event is a prize in itself!


Name: Marco Djelevic Virriat

Title: Mr. Sweden International 2011

Country/Hometown: Sweden, Lund

Age: 21

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 81 kg

Chest: 106 cm

Waist: 81

Hips: 115

Clothes size: M

National Director: Lisa Lents/Miss & Mister of Denmark/


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